Classroom Expectations

Behavioral Expectations:

1.Be on time to class.

2.Take out your phones, turn them on silent, and place them on top of your table at the front  edge.

3.Leave phones on the table unless instructed to use for a specific class purpose or assignment.

4.Be prepared to learn and participate.

5.Be respectful of classmates.

Technology Expectations:

Students will frequently use technology to access games, sites and activities to improve their skills in Spanish.  Students are expected to stay on task at all times when using technology.  It is important that we as a faculty help each child learn to use technology tools responsibly.  Students will lose the privilege of using technology in class if they are found to be using those tools for non-educational purposes without permission.  Phones will be taken up and turned over to the office is used irresponsibly in class.

Academic Expectations:

Students should spend time outside of class preparing to participate in class.  One of the most important things a students can do to improve his/her skills with the language is vocabulary practice.  Students should schedule a few minutes each day practicing vocabulary.  Practicing means students should actively work with their vocabulary words and structures covered in class.  We will be using many storytelling techniques in class to help students not just learn vocabulary, but own it.  I would highly recommend students use some of the following study methods:

1. Write out their vocabulary a few times each

2.Use the online flashcards we have each week

3.Say the words out loud, or listen to the pronunciation from the flashcards

4.Make your own flashcards

5.Make illustrations of your vocab words

6.Associate your vocab words with synonyms or antonyms

7.Study a few minutes each day.  Be disciplined and use your time wisely.

Class Structure:

Daily Assignments—40%


Class participation is vital to helping students be successful on assignments and tests.

Students will complete all assignments.  Taking a zero in my class is unacceptable; therefore, students will be required to stay after school or given detention or Saturday school if needed to complete work.

Students will be given ample opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of each skill set.  It is important to note that all students do not learn at the same pace.  My teaching philosophy is to tutor or reteach material in order to help students master that content.  My goal is to help students see progress throughout the year with their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.


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